Hostinger Review 2023 | 8 Reasons Hostinger Is Best Web Hosting Service!

A reputable & Affordable web host, Hostinger is renowned for its affordable prices and quick page loads.

For those who want to launch their website quickly and easily, I suggest it. You may find Hostinger ranked first for the best affordable web hosting plans in my list of the best web hosting companies.

I adore Hostinger as a host for straightforward websites since they provide economy without sacrificing quality. As your business expands, you may upgrade to a more robust plan without switching hosts. To get started, you don’t even need any previous experience with web programming. One of the simplest web hosting options available is Hostinger.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Best Cheap Website Hosting

Consider Hostinger if you’re on a tight budget. There is just no way to get dependable hosting for less money. Using this advice, you can determine if Hostinger offers web hosting plans that are appropriate for your website.

Some of Hostinger’s standout characteristics are listed below.

8 Benefits of Using Hostinger Web Hosting

Best Uptime (99.9%)

Source – https://stats.hostinger.com/

When you are looking for cheap website hostings they generally promise 99% uptime but in reality, most of them can’t provide more than 88% Uptime.

While if you see hostinger they provide really good website uptime.

Hostinger Promise 99.9% uptime on their website and this seems too good on the first view as compared to prices. but they fill their promise we test overall uptime of hostinger and results are really impressive.

Fast Loading Speed

Cheap Website hosting with good speed

When the price is so low, it’s simple to believe that quality is being compromised. This is not the case with Hostinger.

In fact, they provide some of the highest speeds available at their cost.

Hostinger claims that their server response time is 43 milliseconds, which is excellent, on their website. But don’t take that too seriously. In any experiments, I was unable to confirm this figure. To be really honest, you would probably need a top-tier plan with little resources to obtain such speeds.

In any case, you should anticipate loading times that are typically in the 300–400 ms range. Once more, this is still an excellent deal.

“Hostinger roughly decreases that time in half compared to the industry standard for page load time, which is closer to 900 ms.”

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Within 30 days of signing up, you have the option to get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the web hosting services provided by Hostinger.

This should be a fantastic offer for you if you’re on the fence. In essence, you are receiving free hosting for 30 days.

The industry norm for web hosting promises is approximately 30 days. Most providers will give you at least this amount of time to alter your mind and receive a refund.

24/7/365 Chat Support

One of the most crucial features of a good web host is customer assistance.

Consider this. Your financial situation is impacted if your website experiences a problem and crashes. You must be able to contact someone by phone or email who can assist you in resolving the issue as quickly as feasible.

However, contacting a customer care agent right away might not be your first concern if you’re using Hostinger to host a personal blog. However, it’s still vital. Whatever your circumstance, it’s good to know that Hostinger’s live chat is simple and quick.

I tried it out by sending them a message asking for assistance, and I received a response in under a minute. The customer support representative’s usage of language and phrasing pleased me as well. Their directions were clear and straightforward to understand.

Additionally, Hostinger’s website features knowledge base articles with self-help advice. If you decide to go with Hostinger, I’d suggest using those as a reference.

Free Domain and Website Builder

A free domain and website builder is included with all Hostinger plans. If you’re creating a brand-new website from scratch, this is fantastic. If you’re a newbie, it’s also beneficial.

You may quickly modify a website using its drag-and-drop website builder without any coding expertise or experience. You may utilise several of their excellent templates as a starting point as well.

The website builder offered by Hostinger isn’t the greatest available. But it’s adequate for a straightforward website.

I wouldn’t let this feature influence your choice greatly. For those of you who are just seeking inexpensive web hosting that offers a complete solution, however, it is a significant extra benefit. You’re insured by Hostinger.

Easy-to-use Interface

Even if you’ve never managed a website or hosted a website before, the Hostinger administration dashboard is incredibly simple to use. You can quickly locate what you need because everything is well labelled.

From here, you may also access any installed applications, including WordPress. You may easily update your email preferences, change your domain, upgrade your package, and change your use with Hostinger. To determine if the plan you’re currently subscribed to matches your website’s demands, you may also examine your user data.

“Unlimited Plans”

For some plans, Hostinger offers some fantastic limitless alternatives. Unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, and email addresses are included with both the Premium and Business shared hosting plans.

For this reason, I’d advise deciding on a higher-tiered plan rather than one with the base price. I believe that the limitless and freebies are totally worth the few additional dollars a month—especially if you have immediate plans to scale up your firm.

Note: “Unlimited” denotes that Hostinger won’t assess fees based on the volume of storage or bandwidth you consume. However, you are only permitted to utilize resources in accordance with their terms and conditions “as part of the routine operation of a personal or small company website.”

Cheap Price

Hostinger is cheap. In fact, throughout our investigation, it has consistently been among the most affordable hosting solutions.

As you can see below, Hostinger’s shared hosting is quite affordable, starting at just $1.99 per month, and in India as low as ₹69 Per Month

However, you must sign up for a 48-month commitment in order to lock in this affordable monthly cost.

For India –

Due to the increased upfront cost compared to paying month to month, some people choose not to do this. I know I’ll always need hosting, so I have no trouble committing for a few years to obtain the greatest price.

Run the numbers. If you pay ₹69 per month for hosting, you may get four years of service for under ₹3,312.  That’s less than you’d typically spend for hosting with other inexpensive providers for a year.

International Price –

Same if you pay $1.99 per month for hosting, you may get four years of service for under $100.   That’s less than you’d typically spend for hosting with other inexpensive providers for a year.


Do I suggest Hostinger as a web host? Yes.

Offering affordable web hosting options for small websites, Hostinger is a reputable brand in the sector. So, if you want to save money on web hosting, you might want to think about Hostinger.

I personally would stick to Hostinger’s shared hosting alternatives, despite the fact that they also offer cloud and VPS hosting services. They are most well-known for this.

A modest website or a personal blog’s needs can be more than adequately satisfied by the Premium and Business shared plans.

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